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Butter/White Widow Joints

฿400.00 – ฿1,800.00

White Widow Seed / Butter Auto
Indica: 30%  Sativa: 70%

Butter aka White Widow is not for the faint of heart. By combining White Widow with Girl Scout Cookies and Lowryder, Best Seeds Bank has created a variety that caters to smokers who want to shoot all the way up to the moon.

Type: Feminized    Photoperiod: Autoflower
Genetics: (White Widow “SharonCut” x Girl Scout Cookies “Forum Cut”) x Lowryder
THC Level: +22% | CBD: 0%
Effect: Very powerful, philosophical and relaxing
Taste: Spicy skunk hashish
Scent: Strong skunk hashish and pine aroma
Qualities: Relaxing & soothing mood booster.

บัตเตอร์ไวร์ทวิโด้จอย์น Butter/White Widow Joints

1 Gram
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