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Killer Haze Joints

฿400.00 – ฿1,800.00

Killer Haze
Characterised by its extremely trippy and devastating potency, high production and by its incensed, organic and meaty aromas of authentic Dutch ‘Old School’ Haze with a greater influence from ancient Colombian sativas.

Indica: 10%  Sativa: 90%

Type: Feminized.    Photoperiod: Autoflower.
Genetics: (Kerella Haze x Amnesia haze) x Lowryder.
THC Level: 23% | CBD: 0,2%
Effect: Uplifting, euphoric and creative.
Taste: Explosion of tropical fruits.
Scent: Strong sweet mango and mandarin aroma.    Qualities: High.

คิลเลอร์เฮสจอย์น Killer Haze Joint

1 Gram
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