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Tropical Snow is another of our old flagships from the Zenseeds era. She is a fantastic sativa-dominated hybrid. Most Sativa strains are known for their woody and floral odors, but our take on the classic sativa is a more sweet take. Tropical Snow is originally a cross of Sonic’s cut of Kalishnapple, called Tropicana, known to produce giant sativa top shoots – this plant was crossed with the Kromes White Triangle. Her sweet tropical flavors are dominated by ripe mangoes and made her an instant favorite among many local growers. The goal of recreating Tropical Snow in a more stable version with all the features that made Tropical Snow a favorite among all sativa lovers have succeeded.

Genetics: (Tropical Snow #2 & #11 ) x Tropical Snow #9

THC Level
+28-30% | CBD: 0%

Sativa High

Sweet and creamy



Tropical Snow Buds

1 Gram
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